Primary (3-6 years old) Tour

. Duration:25 mins·

Toddler (18 months-3 years) Tour

. Duration:25 mins·

Lower Elementary (6-9 years or 1st-3rd grades)

. Duration:30 mins·

Child Visit

. Duration:20 mins·

About us

MJMA is the only Montessori school in Wilson County that serves ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. Our mission is to create a community that instills peace, courtesy, respect and a love for learning.

MJMA was founded in 2007 when there was a need for a Montessori school in the area. We started with 8 children ages 3-6 in one suite of the Goddard Business Park. In ten years, we have grown to serving nearly 80 students a year, ranging from infants to 6th graders.

Each environment has a lead guide trained and certified in the Montessori Method. We employ the philosophy through having full Montessori work cycles, furnishing each environment with beautiful Montessori materials, and enrolling students in multi-age classrooms.

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